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Earths Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Earths environment

Ecological niche refers to the position that an organism occupies in a habitat. It comprises the physical space where an organism is found and its role in that habitat in terms of the feeding relationships and other interactions with other species. Ecology niche describes the role or the contribution of an organism in an ecosystem. It also pertain to the sum of all activities and association a species has while obtaining and using resources required to survive and reproduce. The ecological niche fit into ecosystem, reward the competitive exclusion principle to state. Two species cannot pertain in an ecosystem if the niche is identical, however exist only if one or more differences in niche (Lester & Hal, 1994). Biodiversity and…

Earths Magnetosphere

The Earth is an enormous magnet, and its magnetic power extends distant into space. It has south and north magnetic poles that reverses at uneven periods of hundreds of thousands of years. The magnetic field of the Earth reaches 36,000 miles into space, and it is surrounded in an area described as the magnetosphere (The Earth’s Magnetic Field p. 1). Magnetosphere is the region contiguous to the Earth where the latter’s magnetic field dominates. The other planets in the universe including the sun have magnetospheres; however, of all the rocky planets, the Earth has the strongest magnetospheres (The Earth’s Magnetic Field p. 1). The magnetosphere averts the sun’s particles that are carried in solar wind from hitting the Earth. However,…