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Earnest Hemingway Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hemingway’s fiction is not his suicide note

Earnest Hemingway, the literary genius of the late 1800s produced volumes upon volumes of both poetry and fiction. After a short and very fruitful life Hemingway committed suicide but failed to succeed in initial attempts. Later, he finally succumbed to the great equalizer – death. Some people have surmised that Hemingway left clues to his unlikely demise in his fiction, however, “suicide cut the strings before they were painfully drawn out; Hemingway attempted to suck life dry of anything and everything he could fathom” (Gunsberg, 1995) This basically means that Hemingway believed that it was necessary to experience everything, even death, to enrich his art and craft. Although Hemingway committed suicide, and although many of his work focuses on death…