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Early Modern English Essay Topics & Paper Examples

My last farewell

My Last Farewell (Mi Ultimo Adios) Farewell, dear fatherland, clime the sun caress’d, Peal of the Orient seas, our Eden lost! Gladly now I go to give thee this faded life’s best, And were it brighter, fresher, or more blest, Still would I give three, not count the cost. On the field of battle, ‘mid the frenzy of fight, Others have given their lives, without doubt or beed; The place not matters—cypress or laurel or lily white, Scafold or open plain, combat or martyrdom’s plight, ‘Tis ever the same, to serve our home and country’s need. I die just when I see the dawn break Though the gloom of night, to herald the day; And if color is lacking my…