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e-Commerce web solutions Essay

Ecommerce stores that have been uniquely designed and developed with rich features have created success for online merchants from across diverse industries. With Agile project management and 10+ years of development experience, we deliver a go live version soon to help our customers start generating revenue as soon as possible.

Attractive and easy user interface design is the expertise of the talented team and developing the required features. We have been successfully delivering e-stores that are highly appreciated by our clients as well as the customers who shop with them. While developing, the key focus remains on the aesthetics of the store which eventually attracts customers, gives them a smooth shopping experience and increases the chances of making a purchase.

Once an ecommerce portal solution is up and running, it is then time to make sure that the general public knows about the ecommerce website and the business. This can happen with the help of search engine promotion for an ecommerce website which is not same as a normal static website. Since the site has got dynamic pages and products, a different strategy has to be worked upon in order to achieve the publicity results. Kenovate Solutions has been delivering the ecommerce search engine optimization services along with the development and hence have been a perfect choice for one-store-shop for ecommerce development and search engine optimization.

With over 100+ websites developed, 40+ application software delivered and 50+ live sites hosted for a range of industries and verticals over the last 10+ years, Kenovate Solutions is serving web solution needs for early adopter entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in domestic & international web domain. Kenovate Solutions specializes in developing web portals, intranets, e-commerce solutions, and web / online applications those are used to streamline functionality and ease of use.

Kenovate’s clients include a wide range of domains such as education, finance, FMCG, healthcare, hospitality, international development agencies, manufacturing, non-governmental, research agencies, real estate, retail, travel and tourism etc.

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