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Dust Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dust Bowl Migration

During the late 1920s, there was an increased number of farmers who practiced mainly arable farming in the south west plains of the United States. The increase in their number led to too much cultivation in the region thus leading to soil exhaustion. Before the settlement of the farmers in the region, the area was mainly covered by grass that prevented soil erosion. Sooner after the settlement of the farmers in the area, the virgin land which was in most of the time undisturbed was cultivated and different kinds of crops were planted. After some time, the soil became weak and was unable to hold any more water and other nutrients thus leading to soil erosion. By then the soil…

Ways to prevent air pollution

Energy Usage Pie Chart – Click drawing for more on air pollution Other ways are a bit more demanding. There are lots of things in the three lists below. Find the right methods and techniques for you. Where can we start reducing air pollution? It makes sense to attack this (or any) problem by examining and addressing the most important factors contributing to it.Handling air quality issues affecting most urban areas usually means taking care of transportation emissions. Be a Smart Drive. What does this mean? Approximately half of the air pollution seen in cities comes from cars and trucks. So, we have identified two easy but very important ways to prevent air pollution – try to drive less and…

Coal industry of pakistan

Pakistan has a very large coal reserve base only Thar coal can be used to make 40,000 MW of Electricity for the next 100 years. Regional powers like China are very much interested in the project and are willing to pour billions of dollars in these projects if the Govt. of Pakistan issues sovereign guarantee. Sector will essentially contribute to the wiping out of the difference in the electricity shortage. It would stabilise the economy as oil imports are going to decrease which contribute to $8 Billion of our imports. Coal can be exported to countries around the world. Many countries are shifting to coal as means of energy and this raises export opportunity for the coal exports too. The…