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Durkheim Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Durkheim and Social Fact

Emile Durkheim’s “The Rules of Sociological Method” posits the existence of various ‘social facts’ which, according to him, should be the scope of all sociological study and discourse. Durkheim’s discourse defines social facts as, …a category of facts with very distinctive characteristics: it consists of ways of acting, thinking and feeling, external to the individual, and endowed with a power of coercion, by reason of which they control him. (Durkheim 3) Thus the three main features of social facts are surfaced; as being external to the individual, emanating from a general and higher level than the individual and that these coerce or force an individual to act in accordance to them for the purpose of control. These facts, according to…

Sociology Durkheim Organic Solidarity

Possible Reasons That Could Cause an Individual in Society to Choose to Deal Drugs With Regards to Durkheim’s Ideas of Organic Solidarity Throughout all societies there are common trends; laws, relationships, hierarchies and among other things, crime. There is no society in existence where individuals obey every rule that the society has set for them. The law is an external form of social control that is broken often but not penalized nearly as much as it is broken. This means that there is the small chance that an individual or group can get away with breaking the law. However, the reprimands and penalties of breaking the law can be great and with this is mind members of society are forced…