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Dult learning Essay

Knowles adult learning theory is an attempt to develop adult learning in which he emphasizes that adults are mature people responsible for making sound decisions. There are certain assumptions about the design for learning by Knowles in his theory (Brookfield Stephen, 1994). First, it is assumed that adults need to know the reasons for learning something. Second, adults should learn through experience. Third, adults approach learning as a way of problem solving.

Finally, adults learn best whereby the topic is of immediate value. These assumptions are important because they reflect the significance of Knowles adult learning theory. In health care organizations, Knowles theory is of paramount importance because it helps them to handle any form of health problem as a way of maintaining safety at work place. Experience and responsibility is of paramount importance and teaching adults on how to handle health issues at work place controls occurrence of health hazards.

There are certain barriers to education or learning which include first, inability of adults to focus on topics. This is a major barrier because the adults have many things to attend to such as family, work and assignments. Second, weak study or critical thinking skills which do not allow the learners to concentrate in class are a major barrier. It is barrier to learning process because the tutor has to commit a lot of his or time trying to explain a simple concept to old adults (Taylor Edward, 1999).

Third, unlearning old knowledge and low self-esteem is a major barrier to learning process because of old age which makes adult learners to have low esteem. Fourth, adults have very tight schedule during the day and this means that they have a challenge of time constraints and commitments. References Brookfield Stephen, 1994, Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis of Analysis of Principles and Effective Practices, Open University Press. Taylor Edward, 1999, Adult Education Philosophy Informs Practice, Adult Learning.

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