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Drugs in Schools Essay

It is said that the majority of high school students have witnessed illegal drugs being used in their schools, illegal drugs being sold, illegal drugs in the possession of students, students high on drugs and students that are drunk. Parents think that until they get rid the schools of drugs, students will not bring good grades and achieve high marks. In schools in Newfoundland and Labrador, drugs are a huge issue. Smoking weed has become as regular as smoking a cigarette.

The youth are even selling marijuana amongst themselves. All kinds of drugs are being used such as crystal meth, pot and ecstasy. In America, 60% of high school students and 30% or middle school students returned to school this year where illegal drugs are used, kept and sold. Many reports found that drug abuse will increase and will add $41 billion to the cost of elementary and secondary education this year for class disruption and violence, special education and tutoring. Parents say that drugs have infested schools and threatened students and their ability to learn and develop their talents.

If parents would feel strongly about drugs in schools, we would have drug-free schools. It seems that more and more high school students are using drugs every year. Mostly, 10.5% of the youth that come for treatment are kids who started using drugs before the age of eleven. The media says that it is the parents, school board and the authorities to be held responsible for this because they never asked for drug-free schools.

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