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Drover Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Distinctively Visual

Distinctively visual imagery can either entice or distance us from the world of the characters. Through language and rhythm, the readers become absorbed in the action and dynamics of the narrative or empathetic observers of the struggles of others. Henry Lawson’s short stories ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In a Dry Season’ evoke a harsh, arid landscape but also sympathetic characters that struggle to survive. In contrast, the ballad ‘The Man From Snowy River’ by A.B (Banjo). Patterson entices us in a world of action, excitement and mountain beauty that draws the audience into the world of the ballad. Thus images absorb us but we may feel that we are spectators or participants in the world of the text. Henry Lawson…

Distinctively Visual – Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson’s Short Stories Q1 Describe one significant image from one of Henry Lawson’s Short stories. One significant image from ‘The Loaded Dog’ is the creation of the ‘formidable bomb’ that Andy constructs ‘to blow the fish up’. Lawson gives us a detailed description of the making of the cartridge. He uses adjectives, adverbs and exaggeration, to emphasis the danger it represents –‘three times the size of those they use in the rock’ and ‘big enough to blow the bottom out of the river’. His long-winded description of the construction process also builds suspense- ‘The inner skin was of stout calico. Andy stuck the end of a six foot fuse… bound the bag firmly… dipped the cartridge in melted bees…