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Driving In Summer and In Winter Essay

Every driver knows so well that driving in winter and driving in summer are quite different experiences. The specific of winter driving is related to cold weather and slippery roads. At the same time, in summer the weather and environmental conditions are usually gentler. That is why it is generally supposed that winter driving is more difficult and it requires more responsible attitude from any driver than summer driving does. The main difference between winter and summer driving is connected with the condition of the roads. It is known that in winter the roads are very slippery, snowy or icy.

That is why it is vital to be very cautious when driving, accelerate and maneuver gently, especially on the crossroads, etc. Besides, it can be good to use snow tires or tire chains. At that, in summer roads are drier and cleaner, so any danger of collision is much lower. Another difference is the necessity to provide the car with special equipment for safety and convenience. Thus, in winter it is essential to have a blanket, candles, a flashlight, ice scrapers and brushes, etc. However, in summer such things are not necessary. Besides, in winter drivers must do regular checks of antifreeze, engine oil, transmission fluid, etc.

, but in summer air conditioning and cooling system must be checked frequently. Therefore, winter driving is more likely to be connected with various possible difficulties than summer driving is. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that any driver must be very careful on the roads in summer time as well, because the majority of other drivers tend to feel more relaxed and less cautious in this time of year. That is why risks of traffic accidents remain quite high in summer. Works Cited: “Car Talk: Winter Driving Tips. ” Car Talk. Dewey, Cheetham and Howe Inc. 2007. 28 Dec. 2007 <http://www. cartalk. com/content/features/WinterDriving/ >.

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