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Dreamland Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Dreamland written by Sarah Dessen is a book about a young woman named Caitlin. Caitlin was a normal girl in high school, living with her parents and her older sister Cass. Cass is the very opposite of Caitlin. Cass is outgoing, popular, a cheerleader, and was recently accepted into Yale. But on the morning of Caitlin’s sixteenth birthday, her and her parents wake up to find Cass’s letter telling that she ran away to New York to be with her boyfriend. Everybody’s about to change but Caitlin most of all. With everybody in a panic to find Cass, Caitlin just stays to herself knowing that Cass always knows what she is doing. After about 3 weeks everything calmed down. Caitlin…

“Dreamland” & Islan

In the book, “Dreamland” (Baker, 2000), the author Kevin Baker tells about Coney Island and the lower eastside of New York City, where there are rough individuals, such as gangsters who roam the area. I liked the main character, Kid Twist is a European immigrant, and he comes to the rescue of an individual when a gangster, by the name of Gyp the Blood is prepared to kill a small boy delivering newspapers in New York City. The sad part of the story was that this gangster wanted to kill this child for fun. It was strange that the small boy wasn’t really a boy; he was a man. He was Trick the Dwarf; a small midget who only dresses…