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Dream Worlds Essay

So much has changed in how gender relations are carried out in today’s society. In past societies, much attention was paid to hierarchical relations. The women in the days of yore were only given a certain set of rights and privileges that were determined by men. Over the years, however, there has been a so-called “emancipation” of women. Beginning with the right to suffrage, women were gradually given increasing rights and participation in present day society.

The influence that women have in today’s world is such that it can even be argued that they might even have the upper-hand gender wise. As Dream Worlds II reveals, one of the tools that women have used to regain their dominance over men is their sexuality. As the proverbial gate-keepers for sexual satisfaction, women are able to use their sexuality, seemingly at will, to gain whatever they want in society.

While it seems that it is the men who are inducing these women to use their sexuality for material favors or otherwise, a close inspection will reveal that it is the result of a conscious decision of society. By engaging in a more capitalist mentality, the relation between the sexes is no longer about gender but rather accumulation of material wealth. The struggles that emerge between the sexes in today’s society are more concerned with gaining the upper-hand in a material aspect and everything, even sexuality, can be used as a tool in all of this.

Given this situation, it would be incorrect to cite that it is subservience to men but rather it is the realization that such a facade is necessary to gain an upper-hand. There is no clear cut solution to this problem. In fact, it can be likened to supply and demand. There is a supply of women that meets a certain demand but in order to take advantage of this there must be an equivalent or greater exchange. It is more of a function of society than it is a battle of the sexes. A mutual agreement that this relationship is ideal in today’s situation.

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