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Dream House Essay

Would you like to stay in a lovely white house in the suburb of the New York city within 40 minutes drive off the city centre ?

It’s a classic style house with 2 floors . It has a large garden all around the house and has a beautiful path with many trees and flowers besides so in your freetime you can take care them , really interesting .In the backyard of the house has a few fruit trees and Addition , it has wonderful swimming pool behind the house where you can have a party or ideal eating outside with your friends . When you come in , you can see a magnificent hall with a modern sofa and a glass table , some armchair in the corner of the room and a big TV in the wall opposite the door . Next to the hall , there is a kitchen have all the machines helping with kitchen works .

In the kitchen , most of furniture have wooden finishes , but there are also has dining table , it create a charming and warm atmostphere and in there you can watch breathtaking views of the garden from all the windows . Upstairs , it has 3 bedroom and has a large balcony to see anythings around you . The garden is fresh and big enough to play sport or enjoy your teacup . There is a garage at the side of the house for your car .

The neighborhood is very busy and colorful . You just take 30 minutes by train to go to Disneyland and 10 minutes by walk to go to the supermarket nearest . Also near the house has many stores like : barkery , restaurant , butcher’s , school …

This house is perfect for couples or families or who loves crowded . It’s no-smoking , no pets and baby , sorry .

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