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Dramaturgy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

A Canadian-American sociologist/writer named Erving Goffman, proposed the dramaturgical perspective or the theory of “dramaturgy” in his book: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, in order to explain the behavior of people. The book catered the interest of many readers as it was published initially in 1956. Not only mentioning the successful integration of the dramaturgical approach as a major contribution in Sociology, Goffman, was also criticized for the detraction of such authentic-written style of research he used as compared to the conventional researches that was used by many researchers and proponents of some theories. Goffman, as a competent and keen observant, combined different theories related to support and create his new theory of dramaturgy (Sannicolas, 1997). Moreover, the…