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Dr. Dre Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Marketing Mix for Beats by Dr. Dre

MARKETING MIX A. PRODUCT – Dr. Dre Beats is a company that creates high-end quality headphones. It’s products allow listeners a full music experience with the capability of producing the songs as played from professional recording studios. Their target market is: Teens the youth with allowances to spend on the latest gadgets. The Generation Y, the people under this category are those who are all about what’s new, trendy, and value brand names. Tag-line : “People aren’t hearing all the music” – Dr. Dre – Products are: Headphones Earphones Speakers – Special Products founded in: HTC Phones ( It’s Built-in audio system; Dr. Beats Earphones) HP Laptops ( Audio of PCs and Monitors) Chrysler Cars (Car audio system) -Competitors: Jay-Z…