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Double Bad Luck Essay

In the realm of human resource management, to terminate a worker for reasons of a commercial nature and show compassion at the same time is a tough decision one has to make, as this may involve one’s morals and ethics. In the case of Rowna Sanchez, the best ethical course of action to take is to send her to a free counselling center which also offers opportunities for patients to earn a living, temporarily, then subsequently recommend her to other staff-leasing companies that don’t require mental work.

Letting her go may cause Rowna anger, fright and embarrassment (Klippel, 2003), which will further compound her present mental and emotional problems, and sending her to a charity organization that counsels trauma victims without a dent in the pocket and gives the patients a source of income, such as making sandwiches or tending the cafeteria, will not only address her current psychological state, which has been the cause of her termination, but will likewise avert other feelings that may arise from her job loss, and give her ways to earn income.

This may compensate, ethically, for firing her for reasons resulting from an incident she didn’t instigate, and may ease the guilt for laying her off, and keep my morals intact. Her termination will adversely affect her future as well. Recommending her to other companies that leases staff for non-mental work (cleaning houses), once the counselling center releases her after she’s cured, will provide her constant work, as my company may not hire her again, with what happened.

Helping her rebuild her future will I treat her civily and righteously, and eliminate flaws, if not completely, in denying her the right to earn a decent living. Reference Klippel, L. (2003). Secrets to surviving his job loss. St. Peters: Femme Osage Publishing.

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