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Donoghue v Stevenson Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Law of Negligence: 1st and 2nd essentials of Negligence

INTRODUCTION Negligence is a part of that branch of Civil Law known as Tort Law. Hence, negligence is a tort. Other torts include nuisance, trespass (to person or goods or land), deceit, passing off, defamation and so on. This lecture will examine the tort of negligence, and will focus on the first two ‘essentials’ needed to prove an actionable case. Lecture 4 will consider the third essential, defences and remedies in Negligence. On successful completion of this lecture, you should (within the scope of the course) be able to: * define the meaning of tort * define negligence * identify and describe the three essentials needed to establish a case in negligence * describe and discuss the legal principles used…