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Dominoes Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Case Study

If I could describe McDonald’s business strategy in one word, I would definitely say ‘smart’. And I mean that in the best-rounded way. I very strongly agree with McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, when he says, “If you get the people right, the rest will follow”. I believe that it is all a domino effect in the way an organization works; happy employees make for better production. McDonalds has proven itself as a good employer because of its five “people principles” that focus on keeping the employee happy and comfortable first and foremost. I think that they are successful because of the way they hire their employees. Because McDonalds strives for excellent service and quality, they work hard at finding the…

Reaction Paper on Game Theory

Game Theory is undeniably new to me. Its concept is just so brilliant that it made me rethink how I ought to see a business’ road to success. In the past, my key idea of winning in the industry was by toppling down competitors, and rising as the sole survivor in the war. Plainly, it’s a winner-take-all perspective. The real target was to capture the entire market then. After reading the theory and the cases suitably alluded to, realizations came to me that I’m way too far from the wisdom good strategists possess. Way too far from making it to the corporate executives’ seat. Way too far from a business’ lifelong success. For Filipinos, it’s always been a “here-and-now” match….