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Domestic worker Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The role of enslaved women on the British West Indian Sugar Plantation

TOPIC: What was the role of enslaved women on the British West Indian Sugar Plantation? RATIONALE In history women have been often perceived as useless and inadequate. This assessment is to highlight the role of enslaved women who resided and worked on the sugar plantations in the British West Indian islands before the abolition of slavery. In order to effectively understand the enslaved women’s role and situation, their social and economic states have to be taken into consideration. ENSLAVED WOMEN AS PRODUCERS In the British Caribbean, the enslaved women were very important in the production on the plantation. It must be noted that although reproduction was easier to acquire manual labour, the enslaved women were not valued for the reproductive…

History Controlled Assessment

Controlled Assessment Before 1914, some women were discriminated against and were seen as second class citizens. The ideal job for the working class women were found in and around the home, which was greatly related to domestic jobs. They were known as “domestic servants” as they had to do all of the house chores and obey the orders of the house owners, for example, the mother, the father, the son or even the daughter. They had a really low paid job as they had no skill in which they could rely on to get a job, meaning that they were forced to stick with the domestic jobs. However, they were guaranteed food, shelter and clothes, depending on the generosity of…