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Dolphins Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Save the Dolphins

How many of you have been to a dolphin show at the zoo or aquarium? Have you ever wondered where the dolphins came from? Well, many people don’t know most of them come from Japan where every year thousands of dolphins are hunted and killed. The documentary film, The Cove, shows exactly what happens to the dolphins in Japan. It was my friend, Heidi, who first told me about this whole story and recommended that I watch this movie. Seeing how emotional and passionate she was about this subject really convinced me to take her advice. I learned that the main reason the Japanese hunt and kill the dolphins is for profit. They can make a lot of money by…

Compare and Contrast: Dolphins in Wild and Captivity

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals. They are always friendly and take delight in playing with people. Because of their lovely appearance and high intelligence, many people began to keep them in a zoo or at sea world. This changed dolphins a lot. Although they are the same animals, actually, there are many differences between dolphins in the wild and in captivity. To distinguish them from appearance is difficult. They look really alike, with similar gray back, lighter colored belly and smile-like mouth line. In fact, they have the same physical characteristics. In addition, their instincts will never change in relation to their living places’ change. And wherever they live, every dolphin likes jumping and playing. The Life style…

Dolphins as Persons

Dolphins are toothed sea mammals which closely resemble whales. There are over forty kinds of dolphins in the world and are said to be friendly to humans unlike many marine creatures. They are the most intelligent of all sea creatures and the trained ones are able to understand or decode human messages. There are cases where lost travelers have been guided by dolphins and also in other instances where some drowning victims have been saved by them. Many people have argued that dolphins should be considered as persons something that has elicited a lot of mixed reactions with some backing this argument while others strongly refute it. This paper is going to take a stand and support the claim that…