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Dogs Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mutt Dogs: Are they Any Different

Dogs are differentiated from the rest of the animal kingdom for they are mammals that have been around for a long time and have been recorded to be the first one accepted in the homes as domesticated animals (Bodner). The coexistence of man and dogs has been recorded to be 14,000 years already and has evidence casted in fossils and other artifacts (Bodner). It is thus, of much speculation, why dogs have been treated differently from human beings and why they have been treated with regard to the breed they belong to. Times have changed, rust have probably taken over these set of words but it is still worth stating: A dog is, indeed, the man’s best friend. Historical artifacts…

Origins of Dogs

Humans and dogs have constantly shared exceptionally strong social affections, a dependency relationship that is not normally observed in other human-animal relationships. Humans and dogs equally preferred to put their fears from each other aside in order to live reciprocally. Dogs are significant part of human history, seeing that throughout times dogs are without a doubt wonderful companions and great friends. People play with dogs, keep them as a pet and even consider them their best friend. Today, dogs come in different shapes and sizes, with distinct attributes that separate them from every other animal. But are humans really familiar with anything regarding the history of dogs or where and when did their well-known friendship started? There are several theories…