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Does the World Still Care About American Culture Essay

Pells – Does the World Still Care About American Culture? What does Pells mean by the statement, “American culture used to be the elephant in everyone’s living room”? “Elephant in the room” is a term used for an obvious truth that is going unaddressed or being ignored. It also applies to an obvious problem that everyone is ignoring or no one wants to state it. In the article when Pells mentioned “American culture used to be the elephant in everyone’s living room.” he meant that the American culture is being forced on everyone whether they like it or not it. If we look back after WWII everyone wants to study in the US because the American culture was the dominant culture in the world whether you are fan of the culture or not, it will still affect you. Just like an elephant in the living room whether you are comfortable or not you still can not deny the existence of the elephant. (Pells has a very different perspective on globalism when compared to O’Connor and Verdu and even Rice-Oxley. When we go back to O’Connor’s and Rice-Oxley’s article we can see that both authors main point is that America is forcing its culture to the world. Moreover, they both believe that American culture is the dominant culture of the world. In the other hand, Pells believe that the American culture used to be the dominant culture in the world back in the 20’s centuries. Furthermore, Pells states that we are living in an era where the American culture is one of many other competing cultures in the world, in other words we are living in a new world order and a globalization era where everyone have many options of cultures to adapt from. Rice-Oxley writes about a cultural backlash against America. What is Pells saying here that is different? Do you agree with Pells’s assessment?

After reading Pells article I’ve realized that the author believes there is no backlash against american because nowadays the American culture is just another another item on the shelves of the global supermarket. Pells states that in the 90’s many people assumed that the emergence of what they called global culture is just another mechanism for Americanization, but the truth is that globalization has strengthened the culture of other nations. Now the American culture is competing against other culture in shaping people’s values and tastes. Furthermore, Pells strongly believe that the world we are living is not a hegemonic American culture, instead it is a multiple form of art and entertainment.

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