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Does My Head Look Big In This by Randa Abdel Fattah Essay

The beginning of discovering identity leads to the process of one’s journey. Refer to the novel “Does My Head Look Big In This” by Randa Abdel Fattah, highlights a personal journey throughout the main character, Amal. Randa Fattah explores the relationship between, identity, perspectives and journey in the theme of individuals should not be judged by appearance, traditional culture, stereotype and gender roles can not limit individuals from becoming who they truly are and others’ perspectives cannot prescribe an individuals’ identity.

She clearly revealed the beginning of Amal’s discovery of her own identity through the destinations of the journey. In the journey of life others’ perspectives always judge on Individual’s external features. However, Individuals should not be judged by their appearance. Others should create a balance between external and internal features when judging an individual accurately. In chapter twenty-one of the novel Does My Head Look Big In This, Amal has forced to visit Mrs. Vaselli at her house.

She found out that an old lady with a serious and unfriendly look who always put all the negative things in this world in her head and the one who talks harshly to others without caring, is the one who actually cares of Amal. It is evident throughout the novel when Amal realised that Mrs. Vaselli does smoking too, she was a little bit angry as Mrs. Vaselli is the one who smokes but why does she keep on blaming Amal.

She finally speaks out that “smoking for girl, it look like street woman. No nice! ” The composer demonstrates that Mrs. Vaselli has a caring nature especially to Amal. Clearly, individuals should not be judged by their appearance, because even a bad appearance can’t prevent one from being such a nice person in one’s eyes. Traditional culture, stereotype and gender roles cannot limit individuals from becoming who they truly are. Of course these things provide effects on individuals but, it cannot restrict them from their self-identity. Referring to the novel Does My Head Look Big In This, Randa Fattah has shown this theme throughout chapter sixteen.

The evidence is when Tia and Adam asked Amal about the Doco on Muslim fundamentalists on T. V. last night in the tone of lacking in believed. She explodes “I’m Muslim doesn’t mean I’m a walking TV guide for dealing with the Muslim dilemma! ” it creates sympathy for Amal, wanting freedom from stereotyping. The composer tries to communicate to the audience that self-identity cannot be restricted despite the stereotypes. In the process of individuals finding their true identity they should not be judged by others’ perspectives.

In the other words, others’ perspectives cannot be prescribed an individuals’ identity. During the journey of life, individuals are often imposed by other’s thoughts. Randa Fattah has also included this theme in to the novel, Does My Head Look Big In This through chapter three. It is evident when Amal decided to wear the Hijab as a full timer. It seemed that her parents are not agree with her opinion.

She explodes “Yeah right! How can they stop me?! the composer demonstrates that Amal’s determination is resolved as she’s being strong and confident of what she has decided to do. Individuals experienced a lot of challenges throughout the life’s term and that is how we assumed the process of journey. Randa Abdel Fattah highlights these challenges via the main character Amal, such as; the perspectives from others effects on individuality and the way finding their true identity. Once one’s being conscious to resolve the problems, there’ always an exit ways through to the journey’s destinations.

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