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Doctrine Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Open Fields and Plain View Doctrines

Officers Trent Nelson and Lance Mahoney were patrolling in Mill Ave. While patrolling they witnessed a man running while being chased by a woman. It was found out that the man forcibly took the bag of the woman. The two officers chased the man but they lost trace of him. However, the man dropped the purse. While in the act of chasing, Officer Nelson heard a fight and he located it. From a brick- walled backyard, he saw two teenagers fighting. He entered through the open gate and pacified the two. He also noticed baggies in the patio table few yards away. He called the parents of the boys and they went in the patio table. He noticed it to…

Doctrine of Respondeat Superior

According to the Doctrine or Respondeat Superior, the employer may be held responsible for the actions of his/her employee, who commits a tort within the course of his/her employment even if the tort or error is an outright disobedience of the instructions of the employer. The person in a superior position would be held responsible for the action. The justification for the Respondent Superior Doctrine is that the employer has to pay something for increasing the extent of the business (as the employee cannot be held personally liable for professional actions). Respondent Doctrine is a type of vicarious liability, and often depends on the evidence of wrongdoing of the employee during the course of employment. Usually, if it is found…