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Dixie Chicks Among Esteemed Outlaws Essay

“Dixie Chicks Among Esteemed Outlaws,” by Ashley Sayeau is about the ordeals the Dixie Chicks endured particularly among the Nashville music establishment because of a statement made by lead singer Natalie Maines on the eveof the Iraq war. The author argues the the Dixie Chicks are just one of many artist who have been snubbed by the Country Music Association.

To make her point the author compares the controversial lyrics of the Chicks to other “esteemed outlaws” in the genres history. Johnny Cash one of many vocal critics who was not ostracized because of his beliefs on war, or to his lyrics of “Men In Black.” Willie Nelson is another artist who was not personalized for his controversial beliefs or lyrics. One of our rights as American Citizens entitles us to “freedom of speech.”

Therefore we should not be condemned for our beliefs. Male artist are not the only one before the Dixie Chicks to speak out on decisions made by the government. As the author points out women artist in the extended history of Country music have been vocalizing their beliefs and opinion that sometimes contradict their record labels and conservative fan base.Loreatta Lynn for example was a pretty controversialwomen’s advocate. She wrote her most memorable lyrics in the song “Dear Uncle Sam,” which was a early anti-Vietnam protest song.

The Country Music Association acts in a cowardly and antithetical way when confronted with its “outlaws.” My personal beliefs os that of the authors. It is a atrocity on the Country Music Association to ostracize the Dixie Chicksconsidering how antipodal it is to the genre’s history.

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