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Divisions in society: A choice Essay

The society that we move around has reinforced the divisions that are visible almost in every facet of our everyday lives. But is the diversity that we find in our society the true culprits that tend to divide our society? Are they to blame for the seeming divisiveness running rampant today? Can we truly say that we are a divided society? Looking around us, the reasons for this divisiveness that is present in our society is already visble without the usual investigation needed.

From our clothes to the way we choose what to eat and how we speak, people tend to divide society into small compartments that will relieve them of the fears they have over other members of society. People have this tendency to seek comfort in what they are familiar with rather than broadening their horizons, so to speak. In this context, what truly divides society can be summarized into one word-FEAR.

The apprehension of treading new ground and appreciating new beliefs and cultures seem to have laid a very strong foundation that nurtures this fear, and in good quantities, too. Television and advertisements have driven a wedge of sorts that inculacte a certain trend or doctrine, of you will allow the term, to classify the “have’s” and the “have not’s” in our society. Our viewpoints on certain matters do also differentiate us from one another, but that sholud not be the grounds that truly distinguish us from each other.

What is truly essential is the respect we accord each one with beliefs, not whether we agree with them or not. Joining like minded groups of individuals can insulate one from other non-agreeable influences that we want to shutter out from our dalit lives. But does that answer the fear we have of others? This practice will not allow one to fully overcome this dread of others, in fact it might just trigger the opposite, of continually fearing what we don’t understand. Conclusion

The divisions that have been wedged into our society have been for the most part one of choice, not of circumstance. It is one that must be taken out also by choice. People must strive to be more accepting of what others have chosen to be, or what they are. By what they are it is inferre that rather than throwing a blanket of faer on any one person, it would be better to discover the person behind it. Thus, a new appreciation of new cultures (or sub-cultures) would make for a more free-flowing, truly democratic society, each free to express

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