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Diving Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A brief history of diving

For those who can swim, diving in the sense of scuba diving or deep sea diving is certainly one of the most enjoyable pastimes a person can have. Like anything else, it has its pleasures and its risks, but the allure of the sea is certainly a major part in the life of any avid diver. Still, diving has its risks and perhaps in some sense those risks are greater than in other endeavors. The allure of the sea and the desire to enjoy it as freely as a fish is irresistible to many. Our fascination with the oceans may have made diving popular in the 19th century, but if so, it was certainly made more popular by the introduction…

Example of school report for facilities

I am writing regarding an article published in your magazine last week entitiled …… I strongly disagree with the writer for a number of reasons. Firstly, as Socrates wrote, work makes the man. However, in Plato’s Dialectics he argued that, on the contrary, one must have sufficient rest to Secondly, I believe that we need to ‘recharge our batteries’ in order to have the energy to work efficiently. For example, as an IB student I have so much work to do with CAS, ToK, Extended Essays and all the other portfolios, fieldwork, internal assessments, oral exams that I cannot devote enough attention to one alone. Instead, with exams today I am left tired and unmotivated. If I do not have…

Extreme Sports

The X Games is one of the more popular sporting events, where people gather to watch athletes compete in extreme sports. Some of these sports include skateboarding, mountain biking and motorcycle racing. The community around extreme sports can sometimes be seen as exclusive and particular when it comes to defining what an extreme sport is and who is a true extremist. Originally, I believe the extreme sport community created this division of athletics because they thought their sports did not fit in at a standard sporting event. Part of the reason some the extreme athletes participate in their sport is because they see it as a way of defying the boundaries of what is seen as a typical sport. Most…