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Disposable Essay Topics & Paper Examples

BIC: Honor the Past, Invent the Future

Executive Summary There are many things one can do with a BIC product: writing, flicking, shaving etc. BIC is a French consumer product multinational company that is in the business of disposable stationery, lighters, shavers, water sports and promotional products. Every BIC product follows the company’s vision: BIC products are simple, inventive and reliable for everyone, everywhere. Founder Baron Marcel Bich launched the BIC ballpoint pen in 1949; since then BIC has become a global brand and it is recognized throughout the world. BIC produced some 5.23 billion units of stationery products, 1.09 billion units of disposable lighters and 2.1 billion units of men and women’s shavers in 2005. Despite these enormous sales numbers, BIC is facing severe competitions from companies…