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Disguise Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Disguise of Reality through Appearances in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s Hosue”

Henrik Ibsen’s play, “A Doll’s House,” is a story of realization. It follows a series of events in the Helmer household. Various themes are explored in the story. One of the central themes that is highlighted in the story is how appearances disguise reality. The characters and events in the play all hide the reality beneath appearances. The story deals with the idea that appearances alone do not define who a person really is. Appearances and reality are not always the same. Sometimes, appearances and reality refer to opposite things. This was clearly evident in the story. The title of the play fits the theme. Since all the characters in the play seem to be like dolls. Their actions are…

‘Viola Is One of Shakespeare’s Most Sympathetic and Resourceful Heroines’. to What Extent Is This Interpretation Supported by Act 1 of ‘Twelfth Night’?

Watching the first scene of ‘Twelfth Night’, it seems quite obvious that Viola, shipwrecked with nothing, resourcefully survives and flourishes under Count Orsino’s court, successfully using her brilliant wit and intellect to maintain the disguise that she has adopts. Yet does this resourcefulness undermine the extent to which we feel sympathy for her and is there another character to which we should feel more sympathy towards? Does she hide her emotion from us in order to preserve her capability or is it truly cold-heartedness? Viola shows herself as resourceful in taking the seemingly absurd measure of disguising herself as a man to survive. Her decision to disguise herself, setting up the whole plot of the play, is a ploy to…