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Discussion Board: Reply to Students’ Post Essay

It is quite interesting to know that ensuing concerns arising from conflict and misunderstanding may indeed be resolved through motivation. As a matter of fact, the approach used in solving marriage issues and renewing the bond between husband and wife may be applied in other scenarios as well. The five step model for change encompasses different stages ranging from precontemplation to maintenance each with a distinct degree of motivation to achieve a solution and understanding of the problem (Hepworth et al. , 2006); it is not difficult to conceptualize the potential applications of such an approach.

For example, an individual suffering from alcoholism may be given the same manner of guidance; initially, allowing the person to realize that there is indeed a problem, and eventually deciding for one’s self the necessary changes that must be done. Such an approach, in relation to its applicability highlight a very important point: motivation is indeed essential to change. Stages of Change – Jessica Klika In aiming for and achieving change, which of course encompasses various stages, it is vital to understand that even though an individual’s motivation would be the main driving force of such external support and guidance is still important.

At times, motivation is in part fueled by ideas given by trustworthy individuals. In Jessica’s case, it was her mother-in-law that provided the proper suggestion, which subsequently allowed her to move from precontemplation to contemplation and further until the maintenance stage has been reached. While being at the maintenance stage may seem as the final point of success against obesity, there is indeed a risk of having a relapse. Being a never ending pursuit, the greatest challenge in the battle against obesity is retaining and improving upon the results of a successful weight loss program even after six months (Weiten et al.

, 2009). In Jessica’s case, her unyielding motivation to incessantly reap the rewards of her weight loss activities is certainly promising. References Hepworth, D. H. , Rooney, R. H. , Rooney, G. D. , Strom-Gottfried, K. , & Larsen, J. (2006). Direct Social Work Practice – Theory and Skills (8th ed. ). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning. Weiten, W. , Lloyd, M. A. , Dunn, D. S. , & Hammer, E. Y. (2009). Psychology Applied to Modern Life – Adjustment in the 21st Century (9th ed. ). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth – Cengage Learning.

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