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The Value of Hennes & Mauritz

In the last year the world economic recovery has come a long way. The Swedish economy has been at the forefront of that recovery and has showed impressive GDP growth. With still a lot of economic stress worldwide, mostly concerning national debt, it is still unclear if we have seen all that the financial crises, culminated in the late 2008, has to offer. With this said, the last years high volatility in the financial markets, will have an impact on this thesis. In almost all forms of valuation, some input will always be historical, why the past extreme years will affect the valuation. The models that are being used are the Dividend Discount Model and Free Cash Flow To Firm….

Capital Budgeting

On this paper the reader will be able to find the rationale in the analysis of a specific capital budgeting case study. Definitions along with explanations related to capital budgeting such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) will be provided and debriefed. It is extremely relevant to mention that capital budgeting allows the companies to analyze one or more projects to decide eventually which project or piece of equipment would be most profitable or suitable (economically), according to the needs and the capacities the company has. Before entering into the analysis a little further and into the company chosen let us define what Net Present Value really is. According to Business Dictionary (2011) the definition…