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Discharge Summary Essay

Ms. Copeland is seen for her summary conference from her work up here at Hillcrest Memory Diagnostic Center I initially saw her on April 28, at which time there was a suspicion of depression she since had a CT Scan of the brain with contrast on April 30, which was remarkable. Laboratory studies where completely negative to include normal thyroid function B-12 and RPR. She had a formal neuropsychological battery with Dr. Stella Dickenson on April 26; she scored 136 on the dementia rating scale which is within the normal limits for her age. The test results were consistent with mild commented deficits manifested by problems with concepts formations attention and concentration and verbal memory. However, the patient is significantly depressed which can produce some memory problems her MRIs suggest someone who is experiencing stress. IMPRESSION: There is no clinical evidence of dementia but there is evidence of a depressive disorder as her cause symptomatology, no further suicidal or homicidal ideations are present. RECOMMENDATIONS: We recommend a psychiatric evolution and treatment with retesting in our facility in one years’ time.

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