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Disc Brake System: How Does It Work Essay

Brake system is a device that creates frictions to slow down and eventually to stop the movement of an object. There are a few different types of brakes; however, they are all built on the same principle of friction. In automotive, the most common type of brake today is the disc brake because it provides higher efficiency and more safety to users. Disc brake consists of brake fluid, a piston, a caliper, brake pads, a rotor, and a hub. The following is a basic description of a disc brake’s mechanism.

1.When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake fluid is forced to enter the caliper cylinder where the piston is sitting in. In turn, that fluid pushes the piston, which is attached with a brake pad on the other end, toward the rotor.

2.Once the brake pad is in contact with the rotor, the caliper contracts to bring the other brake pad to contact with the other side of the rotor as well. The pushing of both brake pads against the rotor generates a friction force that will slow the rotation of the rotor and eventually bring it to a stop.

3. Because the wheel attaches to the hub and the hub attaches to the rotor, thus, when the rotor is slowed down, the wheel is also slowed down.

4.Meanwhile, the friction between the tire and the surface of the road also acts to slow the rotation of the wheel. Disc brake can generate a significant amount of friction. This is why its main applications usually involve movement with great velocity such as cars and aircraft. Because disc brake does require more maintenance than other simpler brake and because brake is directly related to your safety when driving, it is recommended to have your brakes checked regularly by a licensed brake technician/specialist.

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