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Disastrous Date Essay

Three years ago my good friend set me up on a blind date, but before going on the date I wanted to get to know my potential date. After talking to him for a couple of weeks and getting to know him we finally decided to have our first date. He was a gentleman he came to the airport to pick me up, opened the door and was polite. Our conversation in the car had no awkward moments of silence as we headed to our restaurant. The restaurant was his pick which was a surprise to me since it was Ruth’s Chris Steak house. We ordered appetizer’s and drinks to start off the date, we talked and laughed over dinner and shared some embarrassing moments over dessert. In my mind I thought is this night too good to be true. We spent over three hours talking and laughing as the night came to an end the waitress brought our check.

This is where it gets interesting. As he’s frantically checking his pockets for his wallet in my mind I’m thinking he’s joking with me he did have a sense of humor over dinner. Don’t get me wrong I don’t ever mind paying for dinner, but on a first date “forgetting your wallet” might be pushing it especially when you’re having dinner at a steak house. At the end I ended up paying for our dinner which wasn’t cheap, we headed out and drove back to his hotel and it turned out his wallet was left behind now I don’t know if it was intentionally left behind, but it was defiantly at the hotel. We freshened up and headed out again to continue our night. Till this day my husband and I laugh at my first disastrous date and what’s even funnier is that my husband is the guy who “forgot his wallet.” So my bad experience actually ended up turning into a good one.

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