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Disabilities Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Faculty attitudes towards students with disabilities

There have been an increasing number of disabled students who are moving from high school to post-secondary education over the last few decades. The enactment of the several laws addressing the education of students with disabilities such as the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) of 1990 and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 instigated the rise in disabled students in higher education (Rao, 2004).  The IDEA recognizes postsecondary education as one of the aspects in which the education system should strive to achieve. This means that even the disabled persons have a right to receive postsecondary education. On the other hand, the ADA requires that students with disabilities be given access to postsecondary education just as any other member…

Learning Disabilities in Society Today

The modern society has advanced very much compared to the earlier society, for example of the mid twentieth century. This advancement can be attributed to various technological innovations and inventions that have taken place in the society. The various spheres of change have impacted both positively and negatively on the welfare of the people. This is together with the welfare of those with disabilities. Disability has been and remains to be a major aspect of social inquiries and studies that has been conducted in the society. This is given that the disabled persons are part and parcel of the society. In this regard, the issue of disability as an area of study encompasses various aspects. This is for instance the…

Drivers Education for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Students with multiple disabilities are those who are experiencing more that one form of disability. Disability may be mental or physical or combination of both that hinders one from performing various life activities. Such students require much care as they cannot fully do what is required of them with help from another person. Such students should be given helpful education that would enable them contribute to the economy. Drivers’ education for students with multiple disabilities is required for none of the curriculum has considered this during their planning and implementation. Research question The main purpose of the paper is to identify whether there is any need to have drivers’ education for the people with multiple disabilities to offer services in…