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Direct Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Non-violent Direct Action

Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested, along with five others when they protested against the segregation ordinance on a local discount store. They refused to leave when they were asked to by the store’s staff because the staff refused to serve them when they were not allowed to sit-in, or enter. These men were sent to the Birmingham jail. They were denied of any visitors, and delayed their parole. Through such an experience, Martin Luther King, Jr. called upon his fellow African-Americans and his fellow Christians, specifically the clergymen, to stop this continuous injustice that is being hailed upon them. Hence, he called for a “Direct Action”. In the following paper, Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘s “Letter from a Birmingham…

Jinnah’s Vision of Pakistan and our Success to realize it

There is not much debate or even concern about what was the vision of the founders of Pakistan. What type of state they had in mind when they struggled of an independent country that we call our homeland, Pakistan? In answering this question, we will assess whether or not we have been driven by that vision and how we have shaped our system of governance. The Muslim intellectuals, thinkers and social reformers that contributed to the idea of Muslims being a separate political category in India were essentially modernist, rationalist Muslims. They wanted the Muslims to acquire knowledge of new sciences and empower themselves economically and politically. Their central objective was rights of the Muslims and their share in power…