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Digital rights management Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Function of E-Book

Books are no doubt the main element in teaching and learning activities. As we all know printed books have already been used for a very long time. However in this modern era, books in electronic forms (eBooks) are taking place. EBooks had already been introduced not only for adults but children too. Finally, eBooks are already evolving slowly to take place in teaching and learning. A powerful stimulus for the production of a range of electronic instrument for education has been provided by the latest technology inventions. Numerous ideas and educational materials are invented and extensively published electronically to support the field of teaching and learning, however it is still unclear how far all of this is of use among…

Why Online Books?

For MPH Bookstores Malaysia, the e-commerce unit has been in operation since year 2000. With an extensive collection of book titles across various topics and categories supported with easy-to-search function for online browsing, and bundled with next business day arrival for local delivery as well as international address doorstep delivery service, it has served customers from different parts of the world since then. The emerging trend of online shopping has encouraged many organizations to assess various new opportunities to promote their products and services through the virtual space. To many – it is more than just an online marketplace – it is becoming another essential channel to maintain brand awareness and loyalty, as well as an intuitive platform for customer…

The Google Book Settlement

In this economic slump, the book industry is actually holding up, when compared to other business that have suffered deeply. In the face of adversity there is a business that has emerged and is taking over the digital book market. This company is not Microsoft, or Amazon. In fact the giants are actually against the entity that created a monopoly in this area. In 2002 Google began a project to scan all books in libraries by making parts of them digitally available online through their servers, all the while benefiting from ads displayed through the book searches. The project plan had two parts: ?Under Partner Program: Google was given permission by publishers to scan their books and make parts available….

Computers Will Soon Replace Books

There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the possibility of computers replacing the position of books in our life. I believe it is truly possible. Many years ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human’s best source of knowledge and education was the book. But computers have gained popularity in a very short amount of time and everyone at least has one somewhere around their house. We have the need to use computers for everything. All we have to do is give the computer instructions and it does all the hard work for us. I am going to discuss the benefits that computer has to offer to its users. Firstly, computers are much…

Printed Books vs. E-Books

We are currently in an environment where more people are reading online newspapers, books and magazines than ever before… No longer do we need to sit on the train or bus getting inky fingers while trying to tentatively turn the page of the paper in the crowded carriage, nor are we lumbered by having to carry around our books or magazines all day long. Instead, with a quick flick of a switch on our e-reader, tablet or mobile device, we are instantly able to access a vast array of literature, idle gossip and daily news, all in an easily readable, bright and vivid way. We do not need to fret about adequate lighting, or if our paper is causing our…