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Different types of equipment and their uses Essay

1.1 Identify different types of equipment and their uses. There is a wide range of office equipment that can be used to help in the work place.

For example in a small office you could have – Equipment

Its uses

The computer can be used on a daily basic to write emails, letters, complete research on the internet and to design leaflets or flyers.

The telephone will be used to communicate with people internal and external. It can be used to information people of changes immediately.

The printer/scanner may be connected to the computer to printer instant documents or the scanner to scan a document for filing.

Fax Machine
The fax machine can to use for internal communication in a large company or external communication for pasting on information/documents.

A shredder can be used to shredder confidential documents or letters that are not longer needed in the office.

A photocopier can be used to printer of larger or small copies of a document, letter, leaflet or flyer. It can also print double sided copies.

1.2 Describe the different features of different types of office equipment. Different features on a computer are I can use the internet to research information about the task I need to compete or I can also use an emails on the internet, this helps me connected to different people and important information can be sent securely. I also use Microsoft programmes that

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