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Difference And Inequality Essay

City Road is a good place to investigate inequality and differences as it plays host to a variety of different people, businesses and cultures. Inequalities and differences can be observed just by walking along City Road in the changes that have taken place, in the people that we meet and in the shops that we see, and can be measured in in many different ways. Inequality is prevalent all over the world and can be for various reasons. To discover where inequality and difference can occur we can compare the lives and circumstances of different individuals by asking questions and looking deeper into their stories to see if there is a pattern, in doing so we can get a sense of how inequality can occur. In the first video we heard from John Arthur, a homeless resident of City Road.

John tells us of his childhood and how he started to drink at a very early age, he tells us that as an adult he made bad choices and even spent time in prison for his actions. John explains how he never felt like he fitted in anywhere, and blames this on his earlier years. This example in my opinion shows an unequal distribution of circumstance and care as a child and has directly impacted his place in society as an adult. As we compare John Arthurs`s story to Mark Hocking the differences are immediately obvious. Mark`s circumstances and social standing are better than John Arthur`s because Mark Hocking is well known and has a respected and well known business.

Mark Hocking tells us how he had a car repair garage which did well in the early days, and he even managed to sell a few cars from the forecourt, however due to larger car show rooms emerging Mark felt his place on the street was in danger so he took the opportunity to reinvent his business and is now a well-established company making bespoke architectural items to order. John Arthur and Mark Hocking are excellent examples of how different lives and circumstances can affect your place in society, and how inequality can occur just by where you are born and how it can create differences in opportunities and income.

In conclusion

Inequalities can be defined in many different ways, through culture, distribution of resources, wealth, social stature and opportunity and many more.

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