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Diet Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Personal Fitness Notes

•Why did you initially choose this diet? I chose this diet because it was recommended by a close friend of mines, who was also having trouble with his weight. I told me that the meals provided in the diet were really delicious and he was seeing an improvement. So I decided to give it a try. •What is the basic premise of this diet/eating plan? The premise of the diet was to help me lose weight with entrees and snacks that contained not so much calories. •What were two positive aspects of the diet? The positive aspects of the diet were that the food, which was sold as frozen entrees in supermarkets, was in fact amazing. •Were there any downsides…

Coca-Cola Fizz Factor

1) The Coca-Cola Company in my opinion has all the resources listed in the chapter. They have been such a successful organization over the years that they posses; financial, physical, human, intangible, and structural-cultural resources. It is because of their Global nature that I believe that they have these resources, and these are needed to for organizations to have capabilities and core competencies. Understanding that because Coca-Cola is such a global brand it means that their capabilities must stretch through culture so I do believe it is very hard to develop unique resources and distinctive capabilities. However, because of the resources behind them in some ways it is easier to develop strategies and gain that competitive advantage. 2) Coca-Cola has…