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Diaper Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Kimberly Clark Proctor Gamble Diaper Wars

Competition in the diaper industry raged on as Kimberly-Clark (KC) strived to stay ahead of its main competitor, Proctor and Gamble (P&G). By the end of 1989, KC’s Huggies controlled 32% of the market share—the highest of any single product competing in the diaper market. Now facing significant financial constraints, the leader in personal care products endeavored to create product improvements that would hold market share and outperform Proctor and Gamble’s Pampers. External Analysis One political force affecting KC and the diaper industry is Congress and eleven states introducing legislation taxing, regulating or banning the sale of disposable diapers. Because disposable diapers were not biodegradable, environmentalists were concerned about millions of diapers saturating landfills and possibly contaminating groundwater. Environmentalists lobbied…

The Disposable Diaper Industry in 1974

The disposable diaper industry began in the mid-1950s when P&G was asked by the nun at Cincinnati Catholic hospital to invent a disposable diaper to eliminate the sanitary problems associate with cloth diapers which were prevailed in those days. Consequently, P&G began national expansion of its Pampers brand and it could establish of the foundation of the growth of the disposable diaper industry in 1966. The disposable diaper products had become the single largest brand at P&G with the sales growth in excess of 25% annually and became the industry leader with about 69% market share of the competitive disposable industry. In the competitive market, although many companies tried to penetrate, just few of them could success on maintaining their…

Marketing Plan: Johnson & Johnson

Marketing Plan: J & J DiaperOrganizational OverviewBackground on Johnson & JohnsonIn 1886, Robert Johnson joined his two brothers, James and Edward Johnson and went into business in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey with 14 employees. They incorporated as Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) in 1887. One of JNJ’s most well known products was Johnson’s Baby Powder, which was originally to sooth skin irritation in 1890. This led to a line of baby products with the marketing slogan, “Best for your baby, best for you.” Some of JNJ’s most well known products are Band-aid, Tylenol and the antipsychotic drug, Haldol. JNJ has been a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange since 1944. The company’s ticker is JNJ. They…