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Diagram Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Biology: Book and Lab Coat

Guidelines for Biology Experiments 1. 0 Attendance 1. 1 Attendance to practical sessions is COMPULSORY. 1. 2 If you cannot come to the class due to ill health or emergency excuses, please inform the lecturer EARLIER, so that another practical session can be arranged for you ON THE SAME WEEK. 2. 0 Lab coat 2. 1 Wearing lab coat is COMPULSORY. 2. 2 Put on the lab coat throughout the class. 3. 0 Jotter 3. 1 Jotters should contain the summary on the PROCEDURES you are going to perform during the experiment. 3. 2 It can be in the form of short notes, flow charts, mind maps, diagrams or any other forms of summary. 3. 3 Jotter should also include…

Accounting information system

An entity relationship (ER) diagram is a documentation technique used to represent the relationship between entities. Entities are physical resources (automobiles, cash, or in-ventory), events (ordering inventory, receiving cash, shipping goods), and agents (sales-person, customer, or vendor) about which the organization wishes to capture data. One common use for ER diagrams is to model an organization’s database, which we examine in detail in Chapter 9. Figure 2-14 shows the symbol set used in an ER diagram. The square symbol represents entities in the system. The labeled connecting line represents the nature of the relationship between two entities. The degree of the relationship, called cardinality, is the numerical mapping between entity instances. A relationship can be one-to-one (1:1), one-to-many (1:M), or…