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Diagnosing The Change Essay

Diagnostic models provide us with the tools to analyze the functioning of organizations. A variety of methods have been employed to ascertain the factors affecting the functioning of an organization; some looked at the internal factors, some at the external factors and some others a combination of these perspectives. No one model is “the truth,” but each offers its user the opportunity to view the operation of an organization from a particular perspective. (Ian Palmer) Burke-Litwin Model drivers of change:

This model was chosen because it presents the outline of the external and internal factors that affects the organization, and its inherent changes in a balanced form. The model offers distinction between the transformational and transactional changes of the organization. This involves the responses of the organization towards the environmental changes. Transactional changes are those that mostly entail the qualities like the structure, the system, individual’s needs and values along with the individuals’ tasks and skills. However, the transformational change largely covers the changes with respect to the variations of the external environment in terms of organizational mission and strategy.

“The four transformational factors are external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, and organizational culture.” (Ian Palmer) The following are some of the key points of this change model: External Factor: This factor embraces the markets, competition, legislation and economy. Both companies show evidence that they are adept at scanning their environment, a factor that enables them to plan and predict the recurrent changes that affect their organizations. Apple, at its best, has shattered the consumer electronics world and in the process has left competitors reeling, and it regained its lost market share and making its shareholders wealthy.

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