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Devi Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Alha Udal

Alha-Udal(from Bhavishya Purana-Part-2) 1 Sootjee said:-“In vaksara village there lived an abhiri girl named Vratapa. She was fond of doing nava durga vrata in every starting year. She worshipped Chandika Mata for a boon that she asked for herself .She said:-“Please devi please with my worship and give me a beautiful boon of great child like Valarama and Krishna. Only this I ask from you hey mata swetaishwari”.There lived Vasumaan named king.He saw the abhiri girl and got pleased with her beautifulness. He married her . He begat with her and produce two sons namely Deshraj and Vatsraj . Vatsraj was powerfull and so was Deshraj. Vatsraj’s power was equal to 100 elephants. They won Magadhdesam and they ruled there….