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Developmental Stages Matrix Essay

Physical growth is at the fastest rate during infancy. Young infants learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk within 12 to 15 months of birth. Uses the Sensorimotor stage of development. The infant uses sensory and motor contact to explore and understand the world around them. During infancy is when a child develops the bond with his or her guardian. An infant will learn who the guardian is and feel emotional attachment when their guardians are present or absent.

Early Childhood

Children continue to develop motor skills during early childhood. Things like stacking blocks, walking without help, and Push or pull things begin to develop during the early childhood stage. Uses the Preoperational stage of development. The child is able to use words and images to convey the world around them. They are still not able to assign logic to events that occur around them. This is the stage when most children become socially interactive with other people. This is when the child will begin to explore the world around them and either feel a sense of excitement or fear.

Middle Childhood

This is the stage of increased growth. The child sees the most physical growth during this stage. Uses the Concrete Operational Stage of development. The child is able to think logically and assign logic to situations or events. During this stage the child begins to develop a minimal sense of independence. The child can go off on his or her own to school or out to play without feeling a sense of anxiety from separation of the parents. This stage is when the child begins to form bonds outside of the immediate household.

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