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Developing a Web Site Privacy Policy Essay

Software requirements: Web browser software. Word processing software, Electronic presentation software (optional)

Dirt Bikes’ management wants to make sure it has policies and procedures in place to protect the privacy of visitors to its Web site. You have been asked to develop Dirt Bikes’ Web site privacy policy. The TRUSTe Web site ( has Model Privacy Policy Disclosures in its Resources for businesses that you can download and review to help you draft Dirt Bikes’ privacy policy. You can also examine specific companies’ privacy policies by searching for Web site privacy policy on or using another search engine.

Prepare a report for management that addresses the following issues: 1. How much data should Dirt Bikes collect on visitors to its Web site? What information could it discover by tracking visitors’ activities at its Web site? What value would this information provide the company? What are the privacy problems raised by collecting such data?

2. Should Dirt Bikes use cookies? What are the advantages of using cookies for both Dirt Bikes and its Web site visitors? What privacy issues do cookies create for Dirt Bikes?
3. Should Dirt Bikes join an organization such as TRUSTe to certify it has adopted approved privacy practices? Why or why not?
4. Should Dirt Bikes design its site so that it conforms to P3P standards? Why or why not?
5. Should Dirt Bikes adopt an opt-in or opt-out model of informed consent? 6. Include in your report a short (two to three pages) privacy statement for the Dirt Bikes ebsite. You can use the eight categories of the TRUSTe Model Privacy Statement as a guideline if you wish.

7. (Optional) Use electronic presentation software to summarize your recommendations for management.

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