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Brain Drain

The first think that click in yur mind about brain drain is movie newyork,the thing that happened to john abrahim ,he was basically a nice person but he was torchured so much in jail that his niceness was removed ,and he became a terrorist his brain was completely drained, but u all r wrong with the assumptions. Brain drain which is also known as human_capital_flight means refers to the emigration of intelligent, well-educated individuals to somewhere for better pay or conditions, causing the place they came from to lose those skilled people, or “brains.” Typically, emigrating brains have learned English and move to the United Kingdom, the US or some other English-speaking country. The developed nations concerned saves her pounds…

MKTG 315 Pre-test

1. President Obama’s health care plan requires all U.S. citizens to purchase a minimum amount of health insurance or be fined 2. Suppose that from January 2011 to January 2012, the inflation rate was 6 percent 3. Fill out the table according the demographic information for each group 4. Which of the following approaches to innovation is Google Inc. using when it allows researchers to devote 20 percent of their time to pursuing their own ideas and projects? Can be D. 5. Examine the advertisement below to determine who the target market is for the product. Then, select as many descriptors that fit the qualities of that target market. 6. The local Pro Hardware store has recently run a number…