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Devasmita Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Devasmita realized

Niccolo Machiavelli is one of the most notable political theorist-philosopher of all times. He lived from 1469 to 1527. His theories not only concerned government, but also analyzed subjects such as general human nature and behavior. Machiavelli’s book, “The Prince”, distinguishes itself from other writings on the subject of free will. Through “The Prince”, Machiavelli argues that people have the ability to fight against misfortune. He believes people have self-determination and affirms his belief in free will. His theories can be applied to the story “The Red Lotus of Chastity” which is a Sanskrit story literature written by Somadeva. The story is about how Devasmita saves her husband Guhasena and protects her house from being invaded by some merchants that…