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Designs Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Designs of Heat Exchangers

Heat transfer from one substance to another plays a major role in the process of some commonly use technology today. The heat transfer is done to control temperature, to heat up a cooler substance, or to cool down a hotter substance. This process is done by a machine called the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is commonly used in the space heating, in cooling of engines, refrigeration and other processes which need temperature control. They are classified according to their flow arrangement design. One is the parallel-flow design which the two substance flow from the same direction and exit at the same direction also. The other one is the counter-flow design on which the fluids flow on opposite direction. The…

Dominant designs

Dominant designs tend to help everybody. Good ones reduce production costs, benefiting suppliers and competitors as research and development costs are reduced to near-zero. They also greatly improve the situation for complementors, who are able to produce a wide variety of easily standardized, low-cost complementary products. Consumers benefit too, as costs are driven down by fierce competition to produce the dominant design at lowest cost. The process at its best can be seen in one of the most commonly used and least commonly thought-about products in the world: the lightbulb. There are thousands of brands of lightbulbs produced using a standard design, yet they are entirely indistinguishable. Lightbulbs from China, from Korea, Vietnam, and even America are all produced at…