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Design and Implementation of a Single Phase Inverter Circuit Essay

Inverters are used to produce constant or variable frequency AC output from a DC source. These inverters can be used for AC applicatio n like driving an induction motor. Such type of inverters in present world are used largely in renewable energy systems to convert DC to AC, example is a PV system where there is a requirement of such type of inverters which can power AC systems such as an induction motor (IM).

It is required to produce a pure sinusoidal waveform for the proper functioning of the IM drive. This can be done by incorporating pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques.

Technique used in generating a Pulse width modulation is that of the comparison of reference signal which is a sinusoidal waveform as required at the output and a triangular or carrier signal of high frequency.

The next section (Section 2) will give a brief detail about the power switches used in the inverters. Section 3 gives the study in detai l of single phase half wave and full wave bridge.

In section 4 a detailed discussion about PWM technique is done. This section also gives the circuit diagram required to generate the PWM using microcontroller.

Section 5 shows the development of the swit ching control in details starting from the opto-coupler to the derive circuit. The bootstrap circuit is detailed in section .

This is followed by a complete block diagram of the single phase inverter along with its control circuit in section 7.

A detailed study on a practical blanking time circuit is done in section 8, followed by the circuit for the opto -coupler and the driver required in the presence of blanking time circuit, this can be seen in section 9.

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Design and Implementation of a Single Phase Inverter Circuit

The next section 10 gives a full circuit diagram implemented in this project to construct a single phase inverter, followed by the actual image of the inverter in section 11.

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Design and Implementation of a Single Phase Inverter Circuit

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